Expert Bra Fitters Qualified in Biomechanics & Health Science

She Science is Melbourne’s first choice for women who are looking to be fitted for a Sports Bra that best suits their unique breast shape, breast motion, activity demands and personal style preferences. She Science's expert bra fitters have a level of passion, knowledge of breast biomechanics, and customer service standards that are unmatched by any other bra store in Melbourne.

Co-founders Tish Monahan & Matt Morgan opened She Science in response to a lack of specialised expertise in Melbourne’s Sports Bra market. Fit and active women in this city now have access to greater breast support through our advanced and professional bra fitting service.

The She Science Support Crew have a combined total of 15 years of experience and knowledge in biomechanics and health science. Each have earned their titles as expert bra fitters having completed an independent bra fitting course and tertiary education in biomechanicsTheir experience in fitting Sports Bras guarantees both the correct fit and function of each Sports Bra sold at She Science.



Tish, Director & Store Manager

Angela, Support Crew

Jayde, Support Crew


Co-founders, Matt and Tish

First Retail Store Worldwide To Use Motion Analysis Software During A Bra Fitting

She Science is the first retailer worldwide to use motion analysis software to analyse dynamic breast motion. This optional analysis is conducted in private change rooms using motion analysis software and treadmill technology.   

She Science have based their bra fitting service on extensive research and product testing conducted by Portsmouth University in the United Kingdom as well as the University of Wollongong in Australia.

Since having completed their own literature review on current breast biomechanics research by respected researchers in the field of breast motion, Tish and Matt have been filled with a desire to be the first to introduce motion analysis software to the retail environment through their bra fitting service.

Prior to launching She Science, Tish and Matt worked together at a leading athletic footwear store in Melbourne sharing 10 years of experience prescribing footwear. During that time, they helped improve and transform the way in which footwear was prescribed to those with pain in their feet and legs.

Their experiences in changing the world of footwear prescriptions inspired them to challenge the way Sports Bras had traditionally been sold to active women. Using their knowledge in biomechanics and footwear prescriptions, Tish and Matt have been successful in revolutionising the way Sports Bras are now prescribed to women in need of greater breast support.


Tish's Personal Struggle With Exercise Induced Breast Pain

Tish is a qualified and practising podiatrist who has spent many years studying the mechanics of the lower limb (legs & feet) before developing a keen interest in upper limb biomechanics and in particular, breast biomechanics.

Many years ago at the young age of seventeen, Tish could no longer put up with her own exercise-induced breast pain. After years of poor support during exercise, she was driven to have a surgical breast reduction.

The choice to have surgery was encouraged by Tish's family and medical team as they no longer wanted her to be physically restricted by this pain and embarrassment. After finally receiving medical support, she was able to comfortably maintain the active lifestyle that she had always known and loved.

Tish believes that surgical intervention should not be a woman’s only way to leave a comfortably active lifestyle. She often questions whether her own breast reduction would have been entirely necessary today, given the rapid improvements in the design and construction of Sports Bras. It is this very question that fuels Tish’s passion to help women currently suffering exercise-induced breast pain and other breast support issues.