She Science Bra Fitting Service

She Science offer four kinds of bra fittings to cater to the needs and personal preferences of our customers. No matter which type of fitting you go for, our Support Crew will tailor your fitting to suit your individual body shape. We are the first retailer in the world to offer a 'dynamic breast assessment by way of the motion analysis software featured in the photographs below. The technology we use during your bra fitting is the same technology used by Sports Bra design teams and manufacturers when designing new Sports Bras. This world-first service is available at our store for any customer who is comfortable going for a walk or jog on our in-store treadmills. No customer is ever pressured to use the treadmills, and our knowledge and experience means we are still capable of finding you the right Sports Bra without use of the treadmills.  




We feel strongly about the need for women to come in for regular bra fittings. Re-measuring your bra size is especially necessary when there is a fluctuation in your weight, change in support demands or as you pass through the different stages of womanhood. Our expert bra fitters provide a full bra fitting service which involves gaining a clear understanding of your support requirements in order to pinpoint the category of control that best targets your requirements. Our Support Crew are all trained in bra fitting and our approach differs depending on the needs of each customer.


During our bra fittings, you will get the opportunity to judge the fit and feel of each of our Sports Bras. In a private space set aside in our store, you can choose to have a short walk or jog on our treadmills to help give you firm idea of how each bra feels when your breasts are engaged in a bouncing motion. This service gives you the added confidence in the sports bra(s) we recommend for your unique shape and breast motion.


This is the ‘scientific’ part of the bra fitting. Not only will you be offered our full FIT and FORM service, but a member of our Support Crew will also conduct a biomechanic breast assessment of you in a number of sports bra options. Each treadmill in our store is fitted with motion analysis software that analyses your unique breast movement. By tracking your breast motion as you run or walk, we are able to determine which sports bra is the most functionally appropriate for you. Ultimately we are looking to find an option that best decreases the chance of vertical breast displacement, often referred to as ‘bounce’.  Technology used in-store is similar to that used by sports bra manufacturers. All video material is deleted after your bra fitting to ensure your privacy. Read more about breast biomechanics.


We understand that sometimes ‘it’s a fashion thing’. For that reason we are happy for you to help yourself without any assistance from our Support Crew. Naturally, we will always be on-hand to offer advice. While most of our stock is focused on functional support, we do have a number of lifestyle options for you to select should you wish to base your purchase on fashion alone.